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Who we are?

Our website address is:

The personal data collected and the reason for which we collect it?

The comments or feedback by the website visitors, to improve the content quality. The comments are also taken in the form of queries to resolve or answer the user’s questions.

If the user uploads Media information such as images or videos to the website, it should out of pornographic content. The users are allowed to download the images from the website can use them for personal and not for commercial or professional use.

Contact Form
The Contact forms are in the Google forms will be asked to fill by the users to take their queries. It will be handled by the customer service representative for customer service purposes only.

If the user leaves a comment or fills in the contact form, it means the user is opt-in to saving personal information such as name and email id in the form of Cookies.

Period for which we retain user’s data?
The user information data will be stored only if necessary such as we can approve them later easily. The users can edit/delete personal data such as name, email, and images at any time. Similarly we the admins can do so.

The user right’s over their data?
The user can request any data which he has provided to the website earlier such as name, email, and images in the form of comments or contact form.